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I already have a travel agent that I use. Can you work with him/her?

Absolutely, and I often do. In fact, travel agents generally appreciate my work as they don't typically deal with dining, apartment hunting, walking itineraries, or activities like rafting, kayaking, vineyard visits, etc. I have many clients who are longtime clients of travel agents and are loyal to them, and I appreciate that. If they come to me and have not already booked flights and/or hotels, for example, we can identify them and they can be booked through the agent. This way, the agent makes his/her commission. I charge a fee for my services, so I don't in any way compete for this commission. 

On the other hand, if you don't have an agent that you use, I can help you with every aspect of your trip.

I am traveling with children and don't want to dine at Michelin- starred restaurants, but would still like your help. Are you familiar with planning trips for clients traveling with children?

Absolutely! When traveling with children, it is more important than ever to be sure that you have thought through everything. Children will be the first to show signs of fatigue and frustration at those critical moments when you may be lost or have made a mistake in traveling, no matter how small. Anything we can do to minimize wait times, such as buying advance tickets where available, are key to keeping kids happy and interested. When it comes to dining, we can still make reservations at wonderful restaurants, while being certain that the atmosphere and menus are welcoming to the entire family. Also, when traveling with children, there are activities that may seem more appropriate than when two couples are traveling together, for example. We can tailor your trip to meet the needs of all travelers at any age.

Traveling is already expensive. How much do you charge and is it worth it?

Yes, traveling is expensive, and deciding to take a trip is a big commitment of your time and discretionary income. My job is to make sure that you travel well, not just travel. My number one goal is to be sure that you maximize the investment that you have made so that you see all that you can and should see in an enjoyable way, minimize any frustrations or disappointments along the way, and make priceless memories. And I can save you countless hours of time that you would spend researching in an effort to do this for yourself as well as money by purchasing the right things from the right people. I charge a flat fee that is agreed upon before we start, and I collect 50% up front with the balance 30 days from departure or upon delivery of your detailed itinerary. The fee is based on a number of factors such as number of travelers, number of destinations, and those elements of your trip for which you seek help. Click here to give me some details about your trip and I will be happy to propose a fee for you.

I am a seasoned traveler and can do this on my own. Why should I hire you?

I can certainly appreciate that, but wouldn't it be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and work with to plan your trip? Or perhaps I have a great deal of experience with your destination and can offer you information and insider tips that you simply cannot get from the Internet. I have clients who have never been to Europe and want a clear plan and peace of mind, while others are visiting Paris for their third time and want to see some things off the beaten path, and still others who travel constantly and are always seeking a new destination. Hiring a professional does not diminish your travel skills, it only enhances your overall experience. And above all, I will always be honest and upfront. If you are going somewhere where I have little experience and/or contacts, you will not pay for the extra time that I will spend to get acquainted with that part of the world. I would simply ask for your trust as I would research for you as I would for my own travels.

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